Home Jam Sessions: I'd Rather Go Blind

I've had the pleasure of recording a few times with my friend, Marie Hopperstad, but this is the first time we've produced a video.  I always love jamming with her because her voice is just so damned good.  

The song was her choice, and she nailed it.  Even though she gave me four days to learn how to play the tune, I didn't learn it until we were sitting in the studio (I'm a chronic procrastinator).  It did take a few tries, so I think this is the third or fourth full take.  

Send us your feedback.  If enough people like it, we will probably put together a couple of shows.  So give us a listen, send it to your friends, and share on social media!  And if you have a request for a Home Jam Sessions song, give a shout out on twitter @CSmithBand !