About Chris Smith


Born, raised, and residing in the New Haven, Connecticut area for his entire life, Chris Smith has been inspired by music for as long as he can remember.  Musical instruments were always lying around and music was always playing in the homes where he was raised.  At the age of 13, Chris got his first guitar, a three quarter sized nylon string acoustic.  After a year of learning and practicing countless hours a day, he played his first concert at the age of 14 at a coffee shop in New Haven.  He has been playing, writing, and performing ever since.  


Chris has performed as a headliner and as an opening act at private and public concerts across Connecticut, Massachusetts and New York.  He strives to deliver shows that are one of a kind and memorable.  His catalogue of original music, which includes songs that he wrote as early as age 15, draws influence from blues to rock and from reggae to country; all without sacrificing Chris’s one-of-a-kind style.  


Performing music is an art that mirrors Chris’s approach to life:  Every song, every note, every beat, is unique and can never be recreated in exactly the same way twice.  It is this very idea that keeps Chris chasing the thrills of performing, of writing, and of arranging… because not knowing exactly what is going to emerge from the stage is the ultimate excitement.  Allowing fear to seize that opportunity is a tragedy.