Home Jam Sessions (Father's Day Edition): I Only Want To Be With You

Recording one of these songs for the home jam sessions series with my dad has become a bit of a tradition.  For the third annual father's day home sessions video, my dad and I covered Dusty Springfield's "I Only Want to Be With You".   We did record this a bit late this year, because I was out of state for Father's Day.  Since I had a killer cold when we recorded, I didn't sing backup harmonies like I normally do, so this is pretty much the Frank Smith show!  Rocky, my father and step mother's dog, makes a quick cameo too.  

Even though this was recorded on the Fourth of July, this is still our annual father's day jam session.  Hope ya dig it!  My favorite part is daddio grimacing at the end right after I said "perfect"... and he says... "FLAT!!!".