Chris Smith Band: LIVE Jam Sessions- New Song, "What I Did Wrong" and Thoughts on Opening for the Pat McGee Band

Normally, the new content I post every Monday for the Chris Smith Band: Home Jam Sessions series are videos or recordings of songs that I put together and record from home.  Go figure.  This weekend was booked up with shows for me.  On Friday, I played a show in Colchester, Connecticut.  On Saturday, I had the incredible opportunity to open for a band that I have been a fan of for about 12 years, the Pat McGee Band.  The video below is from my set that night and it is a partial video of my newest song, What I Did Wrong.  This song will definitely find its way onto my next album that I hope to complete at the end of this year.  Thanks to Julianne for capturing a part of this on her phone and sharing with me so that I can post it.

About 12 years ago, I discovered a couple of songs by Pat McGee and downloaded a couple of live tunes of his.  One of them was of his song, Who Stole Her From Heaven.  Even after all these years, that song consistently finds its way onto several of my iPod playlists.  I admired Pat's music, his songwriting.  When I was offered the opening slot for this show, I jumped at the opportunity (and in doing so, passed on possible trip to Las Vegas for the World Series of Poker!)  Amazingly, I had never had the opportunity to see him play live until I opened for him this weekend.  

For their last song of the night, I shouted from the back of the room for them to play his song Who Stole Her From Heaven.  Pat and his band were kind enough to not only play it, but to invite me to join them on stage to play and sing it with them!  Since my guitars were packed up already, Pat loaned me his Gibson acoustic.  The band and I "re-learned" the song quickly and jammed out for a while.  Not sure how it sounded from the crowd, but it sounded great from the stage and was one pretty cool experience for my first Pat McGee show!  If you get the opportunity to see him live, you'd be making a mistake not to go!  Thanks Pat and the band for a great night!