Chris Smith Band: Home Jam Sessions, Special Father's Day Edition with my dad, Frank Smith!!! To Love Somebody by the Bee Gees

My dad taught me to play guitar when I was 13, almost exclusively on the same porch we recorded this video yesterday. It was kinda cool to record this little jam session with my Dad... on Father's Day... in the very room where he taught me most of what I learned about playing music!

This song was picked by him and he suggested the arrangement, the instrumentation, the set up... everything.  Although I wasn't expecting to and its not my forte, I ended up on the bass guitar while Daddio crushed the rhythm and lead vocal.  We worked out where I was supposed to do vocal harmonies.  (I missed a harmony part at 1:43, and you can see him giving me a look of disgust... haha)

I think this captures a fun jam just like I always remembered them growing up.  My stepmom, Diane, recorded it on my iPhone (thank you!).  Hope you all enjoy it!

Thanks Daddio for all of your influence, and Happy Father's Day! And thanks for dressing up real nice for your CSB Home Jam Sessions debut! We run a classy operation here. :)