Chris Smith Band: Home Jam Sessions- Save the Last Dance For Me (Drifters ukulele cover)

I remember hearing this song on the oldies radio station from the time I was a little kid.  As I got older, i would listen to the lyrics and I used to think about why this guy was so into this woman... "You can dance with the guy let him hold you tight'".  And then he had to remind her to not forget who was taking her home and to save him the last dance.  I used to think, "this woman does not seem like a nice person at all".  

Then my dad had told me about the origin of the song and I read a little bit about its history.  It was written by Doc Pomus on his wedding day.  Pomus had polio and was in a wheelchair and wanted his wife to dance and have fun on her wedding day, but that he was having the last dance.  Since then, I have had an entirely new appreciation for the song.

So for this week's Home Jam Sessions song, I played Save the Last Dance For Me on the ukulele for a little summer beachy vibe!  Check it out!

Chris Smith Band: Home Jam Sessions- Acoustic version of "Save the Last Dance For Me" made famous by the Drifters and written by Doc Pomus and Mort Shuman Check back every Monday for new content!