Studio Session Update! Make You Mine (new song)

It has been a little while since I posted new content.  That's because I've been busy writing new material and digging up old ideas that were never finished to include on the second album!  Unlike the first record, Imaginary Fears, (which you can download here), I'm psyched to be involving musicians who are way more talented than I am:

Chris Smith:  lead vocals, rhythm guitar, lead guitar

Brent Couture:  bass, acoustic guitar solo, backing vocal

Matt Shomaker:  drums, percussion

Give this a listen!  It is the track that is closest to being finished for album number 2, but wanted to share with you the progress so far!  It is called Make You Mine.  It is a song that was written a while ago as an acoustic song but it just didn't feel right.  When I brought it to the guys to play for a live show, we upped the tempo, changed the rhythm and now we have a song that has taken on a whole new life.  


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