Chris Smith Band Home Jam Sessions: Higher and Higher (Dirty Heads cover)

I discovered the Dirty Heads last year because I heard their song, Cabin by the Sea, on Sirius Radio.  I loved their rock/reggae beach vibe but I didn't run out and get their records right away.  I stumbled across an acoustic album about a month ago that they recorded called Phantoms of Summer, and this song was on it.  The entire album is great and puts me in exactly the mood I want.  I bought the whole album and there isn't a bad song on it.  

I spent half the day today working alone and listened to this song on repeat pretty much the entire day.  They lyrics and the vibe really spoke to me today for some reason. So I came home and recorded it in one take.  Hope you like it!  Give it a share if you do!

Normally I post on Mondays, but I couldn't wait to share this one!!!  


Chris Smith Home Jam Sessions. Cover of "Higher and Higher", by the Dirty Heads. Check back every Monday for new content!