Chris Smith Band: Home Jam Sessions- Cover of "Chelsea" by Brian Dunne

After a couple of weeks of posting quick clips of a live show early in the month, we are back to our usual Home Jam Sessions.  This week I decided to do a cover of a Brian Dunne song, Chelsea. I discovered Brian by chance when I went to go see a Liz Longley show.  He was playing some very impressive guitar in her band.  I bought his album, Songs from the Hive.  Then I traveled to NYC just to catch a 40 minute set of his at the Rockwood Music Hall, and picked up his Brooklyn Bridge EP.  Chelsea is the second track on his EP.  Please check out his website, as he is a fantastic singer-songwriter, a very talented musician, and a great live show: .

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Check out this solo acoustic cover of Brian Dunne's, "Chelsea":

Chris Smith Home Jam Sessions. Cover of a great song, Chelsea, by Brian Dunne. Make sure you check him out at

Check back every Monday for new content!