Chris Smith Band: Home Jam Sessions- Taking It Easy... Acoustic Version

Since beach weather seems to be here already, I thought I'd record my beachy'est song while testing out my video recording capabilities.  

Since I am a huge fan of Apple's products, especially for production type work, this was done entirely using Apple gear (other than the instruments and microphones).  It was recorded live, one take, with two microphones; one condenser on the guitar and a vocal mic.  Both were fed through the Apogee Duet interface, into Logic Pro X on a 2013 MacBook Pro.  The audio was mixed and compressed in Logic and then exported to a wave file.  The video was shot with a single iPhone 6.  Audio and video were combined in the free iMovie software that comes with every Mac.  

Hope you like it.  If you like the song, be sure to download my album, Imaginary Fears on iTunes or Amazon, or give it a listen on Spotify!